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Kentucky Local SEO Experts

Kentucky Local SEO Experts
Kentucky Local SEO Experts
Kentucky Local SEO Experts Make It Easy For Your Business To Be Found By Those Looking For Your Services

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Kentucky Local SEO Experts

Welcome to GPX Marketing, we are your Kentucky Local SEO Experts.
Kentucky Local SEO Experts
We understand that choosing a Local SEO Expert is a big decision.
At GPX Marketing we understand that Local SEO is the biggest part of our business success.
When it comes to selecting the best Kentucky Local SEO Experts, you have to be very cautious with which company you ultimately choose to work with.

So much of your business is on the line with this decision, and time will always be working against you in your attempts to get your business website in the organic search results.

Every day that you are not actively engaged in Local Search Engine Optimization… your competition is, and they are taking your potential customers and stealing your money!

Kentucky Local SEO Experts

“When it comes to increasing your ROI, Jeremy of GPX Marketing really knows what he is doing. Working with him has been absolutely amazing. He has an eye for design and a deep understanding of utilizing all aspects of a highly targeted Local SEO plan to get you in front of your ideal clients.
Consider your company extremely fortunate to get to work with him. Jeremy and GPX Marketing truely are Kentucky Local SEO Experts.”

Beth Snyder

Set High Expectations
How Will Our Kentucky Local SEO Experts Help Your Businesses Grow?

Kentucky Local SEO Experts

Increased Revenue
Make sure your hard earned dollars will be working for you for years to come. Our Kentucky Local SEO Experts are forward thinkers. It’s affordable enough so that you can make a larger ROI with just a few sales a month and powerful enough to over take the competition and stand the test of time.

Your Partners
You’ll have our personal cell phone numbers and emails with unfettered access and a complete open door policy. We help you whether you have a question, a problem to resolve or just an update, we are happy to hear from you. We are not a faceless organization.

Monthly Reports
We send monthly reports with rankings updates and noteworthy news, to make clients aware of any changes in the industry and advising recommendations to help secure their business online.

Not only are we Local SEO Experts (humble much?) but we are also engaged in top level mastermind groups that include the world’s best SEOs. We discuss strategy, what’s working and what to move away from. We stay on top of our industry and you benefit from that knowledge firsthand.

Grow Customer Base
Our services help drive more customers to your website, products, and services than any other online marketing strategies.

Increase Exposure
Give your business the exposure it deserves by dominating the rankings in Google. We make all digital roads lead to you.

Dominate Google
We aren’t satisfied with only the top spot. We want to take over the whole page. We have successfully dominated for the toughest searches in the nation.

Worry-Free Contracts
Month-to-month contracts. If you’re paying for results and a company doesn’t deliver, why should you be forced to stick around?

Kentucky Local SEO Experts

Not All SEO Companies Are Created Equal
Here are three tips to help you select the Best Kentucky Local SEO Experts

Kentucky Local SEO Experts

TIP #1: Want to rank fast? Prepare to get penalized or even banned!
Crawl, Walk, RUN!
If you are looking to rank high within a short time, you might as well prepare to have your site banned from search engine results. The three main search engines; Google, Yahoo! and Bing, can take between 4 to 9 months to rank websites at the top, depending on the competition in the niche you are in.

At GPX Media, our Kentucky Local SEO Experts to make sure that you rank naturally and organically will first hyper-analyze your current5 site content, then the keywords are optimized, and alternative ones are suggested to increase your pages overall ranking.

Be cautious when dealing with SEO companies that promise fast results. They may be using “blackhat” techniques that may get your website banned forever!

TIP #2: SEO is all about options, not qualifications!
Bigger is not always better
Make sure when investigating your Kentucky Local SEO Experts that they offer customers different price options for different sized businesses.
SEO is NOT the same for every businesses, and at GPX Marketing we understand that every business has to reach out to potential customers with marketing strategies that are right for that individual company, not with a cookie-cutter formula for every business type.

If you simply used the same search engine optimization techniques as all the other businesses in your niche, your website would be lost and never found by consumers or Google.

TIP #3: What SEO method is best for you?
Research, Develop, Execute!
To get on the top of search results for your target keywords, you should consider implementing different SEO strategies such as link building, article marketing, using meta tags and alt tags, incorporating titles and headers in your website, using keywords in your web content, among others.

At GPX Marketing our Kentucky Local SEO Experts identify the strategies that will work for you and come up with a timeline of implementation.
Some activities can be accomplished within a few days while others may require a few months. We will then advise you on which services you should consider to get you to the top of the search engine listings for your industry.

Stop sending customers to your competitors
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Kentucky Local SEO Experts will help you to dominate your market online